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Fundraising Ideas

Whether you are fundraising online for a local kids sporting club or international aide relief, Piryx has a list of great fundraising ideas that are simple to execute and successful to use. Whatever your needs Piryx's online fundraising platform helps causes raise money online fast and effectively!

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Below are some links to popular fundraising ideas:

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1. Create Your Free Account on Piryx
With a few clicks, you can create one or multiple online fundraising campaigns, and with each campaign, you will be up and raising money online in no time.

2. Set Up Your Fundraising Campaign
Check out what other successful fundraisers are doing to raise money. Glean ideas from the ones you like: text, websites, images, etc. Identify what makes them successful and expand upon those ideas to create your own successful fundraising campaign. We all learn from each other so use the tools and resources already available.

With the Piryx online fundraising platform you can customize your campaign to match your needs. Whether it's a simple donation page or full integration into your existing website, Piryx provides the tools to create the best fundraising campaigns possible.

3. The Fundraising Message
Create an impactful story that stirs the emotions of your potential donors. When your message is felt on a gut level people are encouraged to act.

What, Why and How? If your cause is clean water, imagine what the world would look like if no one had clean water. Create that world for your potential donors and explain why it is important to them. And finally, tell them how they can help make a difference by donating to your cause.

But do it as quickly and concisely as possible. Brevity is the key here: the world is more distracted than ever before, the faster you drive your point home, the greater the chances are that your potential donors will take action and donate to your cause.

Once you have created your message, ask people for feedback on what works and what doesn't. Refine your message based on the relevant feedback and boil it down to the essentials. Say what needs to be said and nothing more.

4. Get It Out There - Share your donation page
Your fundraising messages are complete and you are ready to launch your fundraising campaign. Share your donation page within your social networks. How many Friends do you have on Facebook? Piryx can connect your cause to all of your Facebook friends with the click of a button. Twitter, ditto, and increase the probability of your cause being seen globally. Followers have been notified. LinkedIn, done. All your connections are informed of the good you are doing and how they can help your mission.

Once your friends donate, they are encouraged to 'spread the word' by posting to their Facebook walls. 'It's not what you know, but who you know' has never been more relevant than during the rise of the social media revolution. Connect with that revolution through Piryx's social media fundraising tools.

5. Analyze Your Campaign(s)
Continually monitor your fundraising success and make changes whenever necessary. Optimizing each of your fundraising campaigns is easy with Piryx's simple suite of analytics. Execute real-time changes when needed based on the results of your analysis.

6. Stay Engaged with Your Donors
Periodically connect with your donors to let them know how your fundraising campaign and/or project it's going. Timely updates bring your donors back into the conversation, making your cause relevant and fresh again. Updates can also act as gentle reminders to 'act now if you forgot and dropped the ball last time we connected'.

7. Put the 'Fun' in FUNdraising
Your online fundraising campaign is connecting you with a group of passionate like-minded individuals that want to see you make a difference. In the process, each of those individuals is making a difference too. Celebrate that and keep the conversation going. Once the ball gets rolling, there is no limit to what your cause and supporters can accomplish together.